The Stunning Town Of Sorrento Your Next Destination For A Vacation

Away from clamorous city life and its streets bustling with people, many of us crave a tranquil vacation someplace to wind down and recharge ourselves before we jump back in. If you are drawn to chic coastal towns, with scintillant blue waters, plunging cliffs, a rich culture, citrusy air, and the surroundings drenched in mellowness, then we can think of only one place that will suffice – the south west coast of Italy.

The heavenly and picturesque towns and villages that dot the coastline frequently make their way onto the pages of magazines. The stunning town of Sorrento, overlooking the wondrous Bay of Naples, has to be one of the top picks. With breath-taking sights, a stunning marina, fine handcrafted goods, rich art and delicious food, Sorrento is the best spot to enjoy sunsets, sip lemonade made of Sorrento lemons, take a dip in the crystal waters, and enjoy a walk on the soothing beaches. A vacation in this coastal town will always prove to be a memorable one, so if you haven’t already started packing your bags for a stay in this slice of heaven.


Sorrento sits in an enviable position alongside the Amalfi Coast. Image credit: wjarek/

Lavish villas

When staying in such a glamorous location as Sorrento, you will want to make sure that your accommodation matches up to the locale, and the villas available here really are something else. You will find the best Sorrento villas have views of the bay, most boasting impressive outdoor areas, elegant interiors and architecture, facilities to impress even the most discerning of travellers and enough bedrooms for an extended family vacation that you will never forget.

Stunning views

Sorrento, much like its lovely neighbouring towns of Positano and Amalfi along the Amalfi bay, offers a myriad of stunning views. A visit to Marinella provides a most beautiful vista of the area, and therefore should be a must on your list. A lazy stroll down to the Villa Comunale Park, a splendid public park with a lovely café, will leave you mesmerised with the picturesque sunset view that can be experienced from there. If you aren’t relaxing while sipping fresh lemonade and taking in the view from the terrace of a fine dining restaurant, you can hike the Path of Gods, which offers an unforgettable scenic journey.


There are so many alluring qualities of this coastal town, not least the selection of lavish villas and delicious foods to try

Bagni della Regina Giovanna

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the ruins of a Roman villa overlooking the azure waters of a beautiful natural pool with rocky patches where you can swim and let all your worries go away, make sure to head to Villa Pollio Felice. A rock arch separates the pool from the sea, and with the plunging rock cliffs surrounding it, it is a sight to behold.

Piazza Tasso

The main square of Sorrento, Piazza Tasso, gets its name from the 17th-century poet. If you want to hit the shops and buy something truly beautiful, this square is where you should go. Piazza Tasso is surrounded by the fascinating Baroque Church del Carmine, the 14th century Palazzo Correale and many chic cafes, which deserve to be enjoyed when visiting the area.


Cafes, Roman ruins, and breath-taking sunsets all play a part in the allure of Sorrento

Underwater trekking

Whether you are a swimmer or not, underwater trekking is a fun activity that most can enjoy. If you want to be mesmerised in the sparkling blue waters by Sorrento housing backdrops of unrivalled beauty, rich biodiversity with stunning colours, pelagic fish, giant sponges, red and yellow gorgonians, and barracuda, to name a few, underwater trekking should be on the top of your list when visiting Sorrento.

Food, food and food!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sorrento also offers a range of delicious Italian food. Some recipes are family secrets, treasured for years and passed down generations, and these include hearty appetisers, baked delicacies with cheese and dried tomatoes, homemade cakes, and pasta. A must-try speciality of this Italian gem includes Spaghetti alla Nerano, a pasta recipe containing courgettes, black pepper, basil, and a variety of cheeses, including Provolone. Cannelloni, another pasta dish baked with layers of parmesan, mozzarella, ricotta, eggs, and basil, is very flavourful. If you’re a ravioli fan, Ravioli alla Caprese is a dish that we certainly recommend you seek out on your travels.