The SSC Tuatara Gives Bugatti A Run For Its Money

The unbeatable has finally met its match. Long gone is the sensational record-breaking run that exceeded the magical threshold of 300 miles (482,80 km) per hour, the esteemed Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ has officially been dethroned by an unlikely adversary.

Crowned the all-new fastest automobile on the planet with a barely-believable two-way average speed of 316 mph, the SSC Tuatara marks over a decade’s worth of research and development to produce a road legal, high performance vehicle capable of delivering an otherworldly driving experience. Influenced by fighter jet aerodynamics and performance the Tuatara inspires a sense of both intensity and simplistic design with a striking profile, futuristic function and timeless form.

Weighing a mere 2750 pounds, this road beast was conceptualized in collaboration with world renowned designer Jason Castriota and is powered by a 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 producing at least 1750 horsepower. Showcasing an abundance of alluring curves and aerodynamic qualities, whilst maintaining a unique profile that stands out from the rest, the SSC Tuatara is characterized by butterfly doors and spacious cab egress, making it a stunning curbside attraction.

Concealed effortlessly beneath front and rear deck lids, the SSC Tuatara houses a robust carbon fiber monocoque and intricate suspension system, alongside a palatial storage compartment for luggage and other possessions.

Boasting a coefficient of drag lower than any other car in its class, the Tuatara provides drivers and passengers with sweeping views of their surroundings through a state-of-the-art teardrop canopy, whilst the Human-Machine Interface facilitates critical driving and vehicle information on a dedicated digital driver display.

Running in both directions consecutively according to the criteria set by Guinness World Records, SSC has successfully clinched its much sought-after title, managing top speeds of 301.07 mph and 331.15 mph without hassle.