The Song ‘Muddy Boots’ by Fusion Duo Wav-Legion is a Musical Interpretation of the Ongoing Global Crisis

The musical transcendence and thematic arc in fusion duo Wav-Legion’s new song ‘Muddy Boots’ brim with motivation and inspiration in the backdrop of current times. The creative and thematic premise of fusion duo Wav-Legion’s soundscape has topped my playlist as the most appropriate and inspiring musical act in the backdrop of the current global volatility. They recently came out with their musical coordinates of fusion styled bass and acoustic with a viable touch of pop instrumentals in the lyrical formulation of their newly released single, ‘Muddy Boots’. The song is a thematic tribute to the uncertain radii of the world that is structured organically through captivating lyrical and musical elements. The collaboration between musician/producer wav-Dr. and singer/songwriter Bonnie Legion has led to this unique canvas of musical pursuits that have stirred a creative notion within me as well.

The musical perspective of ‘Muddy Boots’ is to allow the audience to relate and unanimously be a part of this global fight through music. Associated with the Sound Legion label, their sound is a blended influence of both old school and new school artists paving the way for all-inclusive creative freedom of expression. Some of their songs that define their creative arc include ‘Would I Lie’, ‘Hate Hate Trust Love’, ‘Are We Heroes’, and ‘Isolate’. Wav-Legion is already working on its upcoming 7th album that is expected to penetrate more into the creative virtues of musical independence. To know more, follow them on YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Distrokid, Facebook, and their official website.