The scene reacts to the loss of Atlanta DJ / Producer Speakerfoxxx

Renowned DJ / Producer Speakerfoxxx died suddenly and the news left many shaken and devastated.

Born in Atlanta, Christen Nilan, aka Nilan, has been described by some as "the Queen of ATL". She has worked for Terror Squad and Gangsta Boo, as well as for her first Dopegirl Anthems mixtape. This only scratches the surface.

"That's acts of boys 'or girls' anthems, making it a hymn is not a genre, a race, a class or a belief, c & rsquo; Is a lifestyle, an attitude and a state of mind, "Speakerfoxxx was quoted in an interview in 2012.

"Yes, I am a girl in a predominantly male industry, but guess what, I can defend myself in both cases. Being a boss has nothing to do with gender. "

Speakerfoxxx not only pursued its own businesses, but also tirelessly supported countless other DJs and hip hop artists. The Atlanta music scene is in a huge void after his death.

Read some of the comments below and read more about Speakerfoxxx via Creative Loafing. RIP.

RIP Speakerfoxxx

You will always be with me

Rest in peace @SPEAKERFOXXX

– HXV (@WE_ARE_HXV) December 23, 2018

I am really sad to hear that @SPEAKERFOXXX is dead

– AC Slater (@djacslater) December 23, 2018

Speakerfoxxx was the one person who went out of his way whenever someone was going through ATL. For them to feel welcomed and supported, she did it for the entire DJ community and even more for the other women who participate. She was a light and an inspiration to us all. She will be truly missed

– KITTENS (@iamKITTENS) December 23, 2018

Sending my love for @WE_ARE_HXV for all the energy and time invested in the safety of our dear friend @SPEAKERFOXXX. what you did for her will never be forgotten. you are loved and we will cross that.

– BOSCO (@helloBOSCO) December 23, 2018

Really sad about @SPEAKERFOXXX. She has gathered a lot of people. The Atlanta music scene is so special. Send so much love to @helloBOSCO @WE_ARE_HXV @DJDRAMA

– Balsamic Hedgehog (@atrak) December 23, 2018

This news of the disappearance of @SPEAKERFOXXX m & # 39; has messed up tons of love at @helloBOSCO @WE_ARE_HXV & literally in Atlanta. She was so nice and put this city on her back, connected to so many creatives in a way that is really less amorous. Huge loss </ 3

– Treasure Fingers (December 23, 2018

ATL just lost a legend. RIP @SPEAKERFOXXX My thoughts are going to all my parents in Atlanta today. 💔

– Alias ​​J2K (@ yehme2music), December 23, 2018

RIP Speakerfoxx mounts the music, up there !! Many will miss you

– Jason Geter (@JasonGeter) December 23, 2018

RIP DJ Speakerfoxx … she was a real ATL!

– DJ Wavy Lamborghini 🌊 (@WavyLamborghini) December 23, 2018

Heck. RIP Speakerfoxxx. We destroyed a few places together. Hi.

– Rhyme Houdini (@JustBlaze) of December 23, 2018

We lost a truly unique and brilliant light in our scene. RIP @ SPEAKERFOXXX … Whenever tourists came to Atlanta, you showed so much selfless love and concern for them and your city. I have had the pleasure of being one of these people.

– FALC㋡NS- (@falconsbeats) December 23, 2018

Speakerfoxx … man … fucking.

– JEAN CLAUDE (@CardoGotWings) December 23, 2018

RIP @SPEAKERFOXXX, has always shown love. I am wholeheartedly with all my family in Atlanta

– Joe (@JoeFreshgoods) December 23, 2018

I am so incredibly heartbroken right now. I like you @SPEAKERFOXXX

– FLAMINGO ACID (@JubileeDJ) December 23, 2018

DJ @SPEAKERFOXXX was already DJing for Gangsta Boo from Three Six Mafia, as well as many other artists. She was from Atlanta and represented him to the fullest. I am sad to learn of his passing.

– R FERRARI SHEPPARD (@stopbeingfamous) December 23, 2018

Holy shit. I am so incredibly sad to hear about speakerfoxx. she did so much for me when I started making music. One of my first shows was in Atlanta, she came and DJ for me for free just to show me how to play a show. really just a talented angel

– CHRISTMAS QUEEN (@kittaveli) December 23, 2018

R.i.p Speakerfoxxx

Good God .. this year has been too much


Atlanta remains strong

– FACE RICH RESTORING (@REESElaflare) December 23, 2018

Speakerfoxxx composed the soundtrack of some of our best nights in Atlanta .. she accompanied us wherever she went

– FACE RICH RESTORING (@REESElaflare) December 23, 2018

You can not spell Atlanta without Speakerfoxxx .. I know it does not make sense, but it does not do it either. There is something special here that has created a bond between us all. She embodies that love we all share. I'm jealous that you're eating Ria's special pancake this Sunday.

– MAYHEM (@mayhemSLR) December 23, 2018

RIP Speakerfoxx a legend and a friend 🙏🏾

– DJ KnockOut 🗡 (@IamDjKnockOut) December 23, 2018

Photo via Speakerfoxxx | More: CL

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