The Rouge Hermès Collection Limited-Edition Lipstick

Rouge Hermès Spring-Summer 2022 limited edition collection

Image: Hermès

This season, make a statement with opulent lipsticks! Hermès has added three new limited-edition lipstick shades to its Rouge Hermès collection for Spring/Summer 2022. The trio of shades, inspired by an artist’s garden, conveys the idea of a beautiful spring morning and the harmony between the sky, sun, and water. The lipsticks have a new lightweight finish that gives them a glossy, transparent appearance. It claims to be the most important item for lip care as well as achieving the natural flush.

Along with previous Rouge Hermès editions, Swiss perfumer Christine Nagel elevated the application process with a signature scent — this time with a delectable blend of arnica, sandalwood, and candied angelica. Rose Nymphéa, Orange Capucine, and Beige d’Eau are the three shades. Rose Nymphéa is a soft pink with lilac undertones, similar to pink skies on azure water. The Orange Capucine is represented in bright, rosy orange and resembles a sunny touch of joy. Beige d’Eau is inspired by pressed almond blossoms and has a shimmery nude finish.

Rouge Hermès collection for Spring-Summer 2022Rouge Hermès collection for Spring-Summer 2022, Rose NymphéaRouge Hermès collection for Spring-Summer 2022, Orange CapucineRouge Hermès collection for Spring-Summer 2022, Beige d’Eau

Image: Hermès

The now-iconic Hermès case, designed by shoe and jewelry maestro Pierre Hardy, features new and vibrant colors. This edition truly paints an ethereal dream of a well-kept garden, with neon orange, bright green, and bold red to impressionistic hues of lilac-blue and mist green. Although refills for the limited-edition colors are not available, the lacquered packaging can be reused for other Rouge Hermès shades. Consider golden hours, foliage arches, and blossoming gardens, all complemented by your gleaming lips. This collection is a must-have for nature lovers and lipstick addicts alike. now sells the limited-edition collection.