The RM 07-01 Intergalactic Series By Richard Mille Has Been Released

Richard Mille has been at the forefront of making some of the world’s most avant-garde timepieces since the brand’s inception in 2001. Many of its watch complexities have cult followings and have been seen on the wrists of celebrities and watch lovers alike. In recent years, the company has expanded into the ladies watch market, culminating in the release of the RM 07-01 series.

Richard Mille is pleased to announce the release of the RM 07-01 Intergalactic series, which combines the brand’s trademark approach to watchmaking with sophisticated procedures and novel gem settling technologies. The current collection builds on the brand’s history while still aiming for the stars and beyond. The collection consists of four models: Dark Night, Starry Night, Bright Night, and Misty Night.

“It all started with a vision of an eruption of stars in the black night,” Cécile Guenat, Creative and Development Director, explains. “We wanted to rethink our approach to gem-setting in order to bring the pieces together in a more dramatic way.” According to Richard Mille, each expression is an interpretation of the night sky, and the number of diamonds utilized varies from 51 and 251 depending on the model. The night’s stars are sparkling diamonds placed into the black Carbon TPT component and fastened by 5N red gold prongs spread over the watch’s surface.

Both components, signifying light and darkness, are perfectly balanced. Setting the precious jewels in Carbon TPT was a difficult task since the material is more harder than the typical method of setting diamonds in gold. The latter is malleable, which allows the metal to be readily moulded into the prongs required to anchor the diamonds. In comparison, the structural integrity of Carbon TPT is more stiff, and gem setters must first use a diamond bit milling tool before inserting polished 5N red gold prongs by hand.

“Using prongs as ornamental features is an artistic technique that gradually underlines this eruption of light,” Cécile Guenat said of the new models’ usage of prongs. The end product exemplifies Richard Mille’s skilled workmanship in dealing with Carbon TPT, a hallmark material used in many of the brand’s models. While the numerous versions differ in appearance, the in-house CRMA2 calibre, a skeletonised automatic movement in grade 5 titanium with hours, minutes, and a variable-geometry rotor, connects the RM 07-01 Intergalactic. The watches have a battery life of roughly 50 hours.