The Rise Of The Permanent Eyeliner

Trying to nail that perfect cat eye look everyday can be exhausting. It involves a lot of trial and error and a skill at keeping your arm firmly arched. Not many have this talent, thus the rise of the permanent eyeliner. In a world of selfies and picture perfect faces, most ladies are unwilling to risk looking like they came out of a rock with a badly drawn eyeliner. Imagine not having to bother so much about the state of your daily eye makeup.

Well, this fairytale is here and now, thanks to the era of permanent makeup. Anyone can just tattoo the perfect eyeliner and never need to think about it for a year, or even two. The permanent eyeliner is the absolute truth! You would appreciate it most especially in the mornings when you need to beat traffic and not have to worry about getting your makeup done. Truly, there’s no better way to stop bothering about a smeared eyeliner than this.

Is The Permanent Eyeliner A Painful Procedure?

Photo: Anna Nekrashevich | Pexels

This is definitely a question many ponder on, because no lady ever wants to subject herself to pain of any sort. Why the term painful is relative, one is this certain: if you can’t stand needles you might want to stick to your daily eyeliner routine. Depending on how close it is to the edge of the eyelid, getting a permanent eyeliner could be slightly painful, although most professionals use numbing cream. How painful it is depends on your pain threshold, but in my opinion it’s more discomforting than painful. Applying a triple antibiotic ointment on the almost invisible scabs would help the healing process.

Important Factors To Consider Before Getting Permanent Eyeliner

Do your homework. It is necessary to exhaustively research before you proceed. There’s really no going back.
Be sure to use a reputable, clean, and professional artist for this procedure. This cannot be emphasized enough.
Try out different looks with your liquid liner to decide what works for you. Once this is settled, take a photo and show to your artist. 

Permanent Eyeliner Procedure

Explore the permanent eyeliner trend, and maybe the next time you say “I woke up like this”, it would be the absolute truth.

Featured image: merakibyonome/Instagram