The Ride To Happiness By Tomorrowland Won The Award For Best New Rollercoaster In Europe

In addition to two world class festivals, a successful radio brand, and their own artist management wing, Tomorrowland is also setting the bar for *checks notes* rollercoasters? Yes, Tomorrowland has its very own rollercoaster called ‘The Ride To Happiness’ at Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium, and it just won an award presented by Kirmes Park & ​​Revue for Best New Rollercoaster in Europe! From Plopsa’s website:

‘The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland’ was opened to the general public in early July and is an absolute crowd pleaser. It is the very first ‘extreme spinning coaster’ in Europe and the second attraction of this type worldwide – there was only one in the US. Visitors are catapulted no less than twice to a speed of no less than 90 km/h and go over five times. The carts rotate freely, giving visitors a different ride experience every time. The coaster has a total length of almost one kilometer and stands 35 meters above the ground at its highest point, providing an exceptional view of the park and the spacious surroundings. In addition, an exclusive soundtrack was composed that can be heard during the entire ride.

What will Tomorrowland invest in, and inevitably excel at, next?? Check out a highlight reel from the coaster in their tweet below.

— Tomorrowland (@tomorrowland) October 9, 2021

H/T EDM Tunes