The Powerful Thematic Strains in Hip-hop Artist SC’s New EP ‘Shock Combat HD’ is a Terrific Lyrical Bundle

Upcoming hip-hop artist SC has released the deluxe version to his original project, ‘Shock Combat’ by the name ‘Shock Combat HD’, a steaming Extended Play of eccentric musical content. The project is a chronological story of thematic interpretations that the artist has beautifully consolidated into one linear flow of musical prospects. There is a salient transition along with the songs that weave together a captivating scope of musical appropriation. The EP consists of 21 transgressive tracks with the artist lending his vocal prowess into making them the epitome of creative freedom and its unadulterated pronouncement.

Hip-hop artist Rick Cool’s tryst with producing started back in 2005 as he followed the steps of consecutive inspiration and self-motivation in formulating his own soundscape. The experience is personal and very close to his heart as he found independence in delivering his inner feelings into the lyrical formation of the tracks. His work is heavily influenced by that of Quincy Jones, Dr.Dre, LA Reid, Babyface, Kanye West, Q-Tip, Jay-Z among many others that helped him identify and nurture the characteristics of musical pursuits. Some of the songs from the EP like ‘Dis’, ‘Higher’, ‘Sup’ and ‘The Hit (John Wick) are straightforward told through a streaming flow of intense harmonies and rhythmic patterns.

Rapper SC has already made waves of creative acknowledgment with his debut project, ‘Shock Combat’ and now, he has expanded his musical territory in the arrangement of ‘Shock Combat HD’. His artistic objective is to lay the foundation of hip-hop’s resurgence into the urban platter of musical diversity as he gears up to take on the world with his eccentric music and sound. He is a creative breakthrough in the making and this project marks the beginning of something spectacular. Follow his work that redefines the significance and virility of hip-hop on Soundcloud and Twitter right away.

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