The #PillowChallenge Is Sweeping Over Instagram: See Our Faves

With the lockdown still very much in place in most places around the world due to the growing coronavirus pandemic, a variety of challenges have hit the internet. From the #DontRush challenge to #BopDaddy to the rise in the use of video platforms like TikTok, the latest challenge to hit social media is the #PillowChallenge. To say boredom begets creativity would be an understatement. The #PillowChallenge is a challenge where you transform your pillow into a mini dress using a belt to hold it in place. The challenge which is already quite popular in Russia has gained steam on Instagram with thousands of users jumping in on the trend.

The Russians are not alone as South African actress Linda Mtoba joined in on the challenge while sticking to a black and white theme. Employing the use of two pillows instead, she finished off her look with a Gucci double G buckle leather belt and the iconic Chanel two-tone slingback. While designer belts and statement shoes seem to be the preferred choice of accessories, we also spotted some timely and creative accessories like a tissue roll sling bag and clear nitrile gloves. If you’re going to stay at home, why not make it as fashionable and as comfortable as you can, right?

You’ll never look at a pillow the same way, see our fave looks from the #PillowChallenge…


Linda Mtoba


Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova

eliana gonzalez thigh high boots

Eliana GonzalezLuciana Fuster Animal Print belt Green bag

Luciana Fuster

chicherina kristina sleeping eye cover dog

Chicherina Kristina


Linda Sommet


Jane Lu




Thassia Naves grey quilted beddings pink shoes

Thássia Naves


Paulina Galkontaitė







Photo credit: Instagram | As captioned