The Past and Present Co-Exist in One Vintage Electric Roadster

Separating themselves in an elite field of unique design, Vintage Electric thrives at the innovative intersection of timeless aesthetic and modernity – where the past and future do not have to have to exit mutually exclusive of each other. Boasting authenticity, passion for product, and unparalleled customer experience, Vintage Electric bikes are revered for their skillful blend of vintage-inspired design and classic board-track racers with the best in electric vehicle technology, resulting in true mobile works of art.

Unveiling their latest creation, the brand’s all-new Roadster represents the next evolution in electric transportation. Utilizing similar premium craftsmanship and performance specifications as previous models, the novel Roadster features a smooth and comfortable front suspension, LED headlamp, inverted front forks, and prominent V-twin-shaped battery pack, aiming to further amplify riding experience.

Coming complete in a two-tone paint scheme, beautiful pin striped lines and an age-old color story, the e-bike offers a variety of upgrades and settings, such as ‘race mode’ which provides the capacity to go long-distance at an accelerated speed, and ‘pedal assist mode’ where the rear-wheel-mounted electric hub motor helps propel the bike forward as the rider continuously pedals – providing convenient opportunity for exercise, and long-distance travel whilst eliminating the need for unnecessary effort and fatigue.

Powered by a 48-volt, 1123-watt-hour rear wheel hub motor, the Vintage electric produces 750 watts in Street Mode, with a limited speed of 21 mph and a range of about 40-75 miles per charge, plus a removable race key which screws into the battery pack to unlock the 3000-watt Race Mode. Despite incorporating tires of a decent mass, the bike risks jolting over bumps and other road imperfections, with limited suspension and no shock absorption throughout the saddle stock, and overall chassis. Featuring Promax Lucid hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear, the bike harnesses ample stopping power, ensuring safety even at top speeds.