The Palatial River House of Pererenan, Bali by Alexis Dornier

Located in along the coasts of Pererenan, Bali, the River House by Alexis Dornier is a cubistic five-bedroom residential home which serves as an enhancement and continuation of the area’s already beautiful landscape.

Embedding the island’s existing topography in a over-arching three-dimensional experience, the structure was predominantly constructed out of reclaimed timber and locally sourced sandstone – paying tribute to the island’s vernacular building culture whilst creating a sense of timelessness.

Featuring a multitude of passages, walkways and private spaces, the River House is split with intimate spaces clad in wooden lattice, hovering above the communal living rooms, expansive swimming pool and vast garden.

Reflecting a character of retreat and recreation, each bedroom is meticulously furnished with a natural stone finish and astronomically sized windows. With views of dazzling views of the sunset and surrounding nature, the house is bordered by coconut, banana and bodhi trees, lush rice fields and rolling hills.