The Newest Track From Seven Lions’ Album,“Stop Thinking” Features Lights

Beyond The Veil, Seven Lions‘ debut studio album, is coming out in exactly three weeks. Today, he releases the third song from the album, “Stop Thinking,” featuring Lights. “Stop Thinking” delves deeper into his trance side, with opening chords reminiscent of “Language,” and employs the tried and proven tactic of disguising sorrowful words behind a bright and energetic tune.

The song begins with a couple pleading with their spouse, reflecting on who they were and who they believed the other was when they first began chasing something outside of themselves. The tone is initially more irritated and exhausted. Even irritated. As time passes, you get more comfortable with who you are and realize that if the other person cannot accept you, it is simply not meant to be. Not in a bad manner, but in a way that makes you proud of your progress. Beyond the Veil will be released on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records on October 21.

You can pre-order the album here.

Photo via Ashley Von Helsing