The new drill veteran Pablo Saucekay throws light onto the backdrop of his success with the charismatic track ”40”

The artist on the rise, Pablo Saucekay from Cincinnati, presents the inseparable violence and hip-hop spirit from his childhood deliberately in the video “40”. With the outstanding understanding of his articulating pace with the dizzy background music, the upcoming rapper Pablo Saucekay reveals his hidden flair of breathtaking rapping skill in the popular music video “40“. This secret gem of the current hip hop scene came into prominence back in 2018 with the release of this exuberating music video on youtube. With an unusual street presence, he willfully unfolds the soft layer beneath his stout masculinity in the hip hop track that showcases his passion and motivation in the same line.

The real name of the edge-cutting rapper is BenyahminYehudahStrayhorn with a biblical reference but he chose to go by his stage name Pablo Saucekay, which is not anonymous anymore in the big cities of America. With a big family of 10 siblings and a violent childhood in the rough neighborhood, he distracted himself from the guns, and the street fights with the bliss of music. He has found a new meaning of life with the influential hip hop culture that enabled him to vent his anger, frustration, and inflicting pain out in the flow of words. “40” is a new gangsta hip-hop track that is remarkably crafted in many facets of urban hip-hop which compel us to dive into the thundering world of the young rapper. Follow his Instagram and Facebook posts for vital information about the next projects.