The New-And-Improved Galaxy Fold Is Here & Totally Reinforced [WATCH]

The new-and-improved Galaxy Fold is finally here — and seems much more durable than the original model. During the initial testing period of Samsung‘s groundbreaking foldable smartphone, a number of influencers and testers reported screen breakage for various reasons. Obviously, nobody was going to shell out $1,980 for such a delicate device. So, thankfully, the company saw what was going wrong and addressed it. The new Galaxy Fold looks very similar to the initial model. In fact, if you had the original Galaxy Fold in front of you, the differences are hardly noticeable, according to the vlogger Marques Brownlee per the video below.

So, what’s different? Most importantly, the screen protector that everyone was peeling off now stretches further and is tucked around the edges. T-shaped protectors keep dirt and debris out of the hinge area. Also, the hinge mechanism itself is much more firm. Other than that, the Galaxy Fold is almost exactly the same. The thin-screened mini phone flips out to a larger display, ideal for emailing, multitasking and more. See below. Learn more via Samsung here.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold: Official Introduction