The Moxy Hotel Rock ‘N’ Roll Cathédrale in East Village New York

The iconic Moxy East Village of New York welcomed the grand opening of Tao Hospitality Group’s latest endeavor in Autumn. With over 286 stylish design-driven bedrooms, co-working spaces, and four brand-new restaurants, lounges and bars – the Cathédrale is the area’s latest crowning glory, embracing the neighborhood’s historically vibrant and rebellious spirit of American counterculture.

Opened in early September’19, the Cathédrale sits strategically in the heart of the city’s rock ‘n’ roll culture, renegade art, LGBTQ+ activism and immigrant neighborhoods. Featuring interior design by the award-winning Rockwell Group, and New York based architecture and design firm, Stonehill Taylor – The Moxy East Village Hotel is a conceived vertical timeline, drawing inspiration from the area’s rich punk heritage and cultural diversity.

Spanning across 13 floors, the Moxy Hotel’s interior utilizes urban archaeology and pays homage to various iconic, past, present and future East Village eras. With three check-in kiosks situated in the front lobby, these tech-savvy devices are assemblages of found objects and materials by local artist, Michael Sanzone.

The lobby itself, features striped tapestries which cling to the wall and snake down to the floor – alluding to the once commonplace graffiti and wheat-pasted posters which decorated New York’s downtown buildings.

Cleverly designed to maximize space, the hotel’s Queen Rooms come complete with optional daybeds, while its Quad Bunk Rooms include oversized industrial-style windows which boast immaculate views of the Freedom Tower and other downtown skyscrapers, plus an abundance of natural light.

Featuring modular seating, a boardroom, wet bar, dining table, multi-media lounge area, and an adjoining Queen Room with a uniquely round bed, the entertainment ‘Jane’ suites are specially commissioned projects by artist Xan Padrón, showcasing time-lapsed photographs of New York City’s dwellers roaming specific East Village locations.

Of the Moxy’s four grandeur restaurants and bars which include the Alphabet Bar & Café, Little Sister, and the Rooftop Bar which opens Spring 2020, its centrepiece is the French-Mediterranean restaurant – the Cathédrale conceived in collaboration with Chef Ralph Scamardella and Executive Chef Jason Hall.

Hidden deep underground, the Cathédral features a dramatic and dark design in a picturesque setting, accessible via the lobby through a fire escape-esque stairway. With soaring 26-foot ceilings, vintage-style neon signs and a 20-foot wire mesh sculpture, entitled “Fillmore”, hanging over the main dining room crafted by Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi.

Offering both indoor and outdoor dining experiences, the Cathédral includes a terrace with a retractable roof and lush foliage, plus an array of vintage rock ‘n’ roll concert posters on display throughout the restaurant’s open kitchen and banquet halls.

Serving signature dishes inspired by iconic international destinations such as Italy, Spain and Greece, the Cathédral at Moxy East Village Hotel offers a vast cocktail and wine selection by Senior Beverage Director Megan Ardizoni and Keith Nelson, the Vice President of East Region Beverage. Located on 112 East 11th Street, the restaurant opens daily for breakfast and dinner.

Guests are encouraged to make their reservations up to 30 days in advance, and can expect to greet 2020 with specially curated holiday menus and live entertainment.