The Most Stylish Ways to sport side parts, from edgy to prim and proper for your Hairstyle

TikTokers may know a thing or two about innovative ways to separate an egg and how to prepare pasta. But when it comes to their views on side parts, they’re pretty off base. Users of the social media platform are saying middle parts are the only acceptable options in 2021. We beg to differ. We’re staunch defenders of side parts. We don’t have any hate for middle parts, or any parts for that matter, but side ones are both versatile and flattering. Subtle tweaks can instantly refresh an old hairstyle using nothing more than a comb and perhaps some hair gel. Or you can go the fancier route by working in some bold hair baubles. The best source for side part inspo? The runways, of course. Here are the most stylish ways to sport side parts, from edgy to prim and proper.

Need a guideline? Try lining up an off-center part with the beginning of your brow.

Loose finger waves look even better with a crisp side part.

Play up an extreme side part with plenty of hair gel and a supersize earring.

A side part gives classic cornrows a cool twist.

Part your hair to one side, then pull back your locks with hair combs on both sides of your head.

Pair a deep side part with faux sideburns. Simply tuck some strands under your locks and position said strands in front of your ears.

A great option for when you can’t decide between a dead-center part and a deep side one.

A deeper side part creates the perfect space for a cluster of hair clips.

If it’s possible to run a comb through your short locks, it’s possible to part your locks on the side. Go for a graceful arch to enhance the lines of your head.

Achieve the look of sideswept bangs without a drastic chop by rocking a deep side part and brushing long layers across your forehead. Stop the part midway on your head, then slightly tease the back for a retro vibe.

Use the arches of your brows as a guide for a flattering side part. Secure those sweeping layers with a barrette.

Sweep everything to one side of your head.

Go as deep as you dare. Just don’t try to flatten your combed-over lengths with gel or hairspray.

Images: Imaxtree