The Most Luxurious Casino Resort In Las Vegas?

Sin City is known for its bright lights, ostentatious entertainment options and opulent casino resorts, and is home to a plethora of extravagant five-star hotels that go above and beyond to ensure their guests have a memorable stay in Vegas for all the right reasons. Equipped with sprawling suites offering sweeping views over the strip below and featuring numerous high-level facilities – from infinity pools to fine dining restaurants – if you’re considering this city for a luxury getaway this year, then it certainly won’t disappoint. Of course, what brings the majority of people to Vegas are the casinos themselves, which have long been recognised as some of the best in the world.

Attracting high-rollers from across the globe who flock to the strip to play and win big on favourites like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, Sin City’s casinos certainly don’t do things by halves – and with numerous table games and slot machines to keep gamblers and gamers entertained, there’s little denying that they are some of the very best on the planet.Having featured in countless iconic films – including James Bond flick Casino Royale, comedy movie The Hangover and of course, heist story Ocean’s Eleven, not only is Vegas the city that never sleeps, but it also provides a thoroughly lavish backdrop for a night of gaming, whatever your level of experience. And, with eye-wateringly large jackpots up for grabs for the occasional few to strike it lucky, it isn’t difficult to understand Vegas’ lasting appeal. The competition to be crowned the most luxurious casino resort in Vegas is as fierce as ever, and with an ever-changing landscape of new developments and regular refurbishments and upgrades across the board, it can often be difficult to keep track of which one currently comes out on top.

The Bellagio


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Opulence is a hallmark of the sophisticated Bellagio experience, and the resort, which features a whopping 3,933 luxurious guest rooms and suites, is a holder of the prestigious Five Diamond Award, which speaks volumes about what you can expect while here. With meticulous attention to detail at every turn, rooms enjoy privileged sweeping views over the Lake Bellagio beneath, with its perfectly manicured pools and courtyards making for some scenic surroundings that add to the appeal even further. But what about the all-important casino? Well, that’s where things get really exciting. Spreading over 156,000 square feet, this elegant space offers more than 200 table games and with its impeccable service and chic decor, it’s perhaps no surprise that it attracts an upscale clientele, including high-rollers from across the globe.

The Mandalay Bay Resort

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A gold-plated palace set at the south end of the iconic Las Vegas strip, the lavish Mandalay Bay resort complex offers up a huge swimming pool, numerous upscale dining options and even its own on-site aquarium. The star of the show is of course its casino, which clocks in at an impressive 160,000 square feet – even bigger than the Bellagio’s – and with more than 200 variations of video poker and an incredible 1,700 slot machines, there’s plenty to suit all tastes here. The Mandalay Bay’s race and sportsbook is particularly popular, and is one of the largest on the strip – and all set in extravagant, gold-accented surroundings and with gold-standard service to match.

The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas

Illuminated exterior of the Cosmopolitan Hotel And Casino on the Las Vegas Strip

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A relatively new casino compared to some of the competition, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is just over ten years old, and features expansive luxury suites with private terraces, with a selection of unique and upmarket boutiques and signature restaurants located on-site. Add to that its private Sahra Spa and Hammam and three spectacular pools, and it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to luxury. This huge 2,995-room resort is home to the 100,000 square foot Cosmopolitan Casino, which comprises stylish modern surroundings and excellent service and attracts wealthy guests from around the world.

Fast winning itself a reputation as one of the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas, it’s one to try if you haven’t already. It might just become your new go to, and is currently giving classics like the Bellagio, the Venetian and the MGM Grand a run for their money thanks to its forward-thinking set-up and lavish new amenities.

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