The Most Lavish Roulette settings out there

In the history of casino gaming, few games have enjoyed the same longevity and popularity as roulette. For around 300 years, the wheel-based activity has been central to the industry, with those keen to have a flutter finding the simplicity of the table game a big draw. We know that casinos are synonymous with glitz, glamour and excitement, and over the years, land-based aesthetics have grown increasingly glamorous in relation to roulette, with numerous establishments now striving to make the activity ever more alluring and fashionable. In light of this we delve into the world of land-based casinos and uncover three of the most lavish roulette settings out there.

Casino Baden-Baden, Germany

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With a wide array of casinos offering high-quality gambling experiences, from poker tables to roulette wheels and slot machines, the industry is collectively heading for a more luxurious future. One land-based establishment that’s at the heart of enhancing the in-house experience of roulette is Casino Baden-Baden.

In an era of gaming where casinos are continually striving to advance the industry, Casino Baden-Baden adopts a more traditional approach. Despite this, the lavishness of their roulette tables is not compromised. The German-based casino provides luxurious surroundings in which players can dive into the world of old-school gaming. It’s a testament to Casino Baden-Baden’s focus on glamour that the establishment’s interior consists of the Belle Epoque, which refers to a high artistic period in France during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The interiors of Casino Baden-Baden boast a selection of traditional wood wheels in close proximity to dark tables. Within the lavish, art-filled room and at the high-quality tables, prospective players can immerse themselves in numerous variants of the old-school game. At the German-based establishment, visitors can participate in either American or French roulette. For many, such options are unlikely to be alien. Crucially, this is because numerous web-based platforms have embraced variant diversity in recent years. On this website here, there are a whole host of real-money operators that offer sign-up bonuses across various forms of roulette. For example, at Karamba – which provides 100 free spins on registration – users can similarly indulge themselves in either American or French roulette. A fitting alternative while land-based casinos are temporarily closed.

Park Lane Club, London

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Along with Casino Baden-Baden, another location that ensures high-quality roulette experiences is the Park Lane Club in London. Based in England’s capital city, the establishment undoubtedly offers some of the most forward-thinking and unique wheel-based opportunities. Much like the above German casino, players at Park Lane Club have access to the game in its traditional form at dark-wood tables. Furthermore, variation is also central to the London gambling business, with visitors able to enjoy American roulette on old-school and electronic tables.

Unlike other casinos, Park Lane Club offers gamers the chance to participate in the ‘ultimate outdoor gaming experience’. Their exclusive terrace provides modern-day luxury and the floor, which overlooks Hyde Park, features an electronic roulette table. By design, the tech-powered casino floor’s furniture adopts a dark theme, contrasting with the tabletop, which features see-through storage components for chips. The roulette tables at the London facility mirror the area’s lavishness. London and Hyde Park are known for being places that exude luxury, and this is evident at Park Lane Club. Neighbouring properties are also testament to this, such as the five-star hotel, The Mandarin Oriental and famous high-end department store, Harrods.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas


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When discussing lavish roulette tables, it’s impossible to overlook The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Since opening in October 1998, the resort has established itself as one of the world’s most glamourous casinos. Located on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, the casino adopts a stripped-back aesthetic that differs from Park Lane Club.

The resort outlines a desire to create an elite experience, and this has been achieved through Art Deco and raised floors; along with a consistent use of dark wood within its interiors. Although over-the-top is a standard for The Bellagio, this isn’t necessarily true of their roulette tables. The furniture’s border and the main body of the wheel incorporate a dark-wood theme and, regarding table base colours, red appears throughout, which complements the use of darker woods.