The Most Edgy Short Black Hairstyles For Women

It’s no surprise that short hairstyles are among the most edgy hairstyles for Black women, especially when it comes to making an unforgettable statement. In addition to their eye-catching attractiveness, these short haircuts are also ageless, making them ideal for the girl who is always on the move and has little time to maintain lengthier lengths. Furthermore, depending on the occasion and dress, they may be styled neatly or purposefully untidy.

While there are a variety of short haircuts for Black hair to pick from, not all of them are universally acceptable. That is to say, one woman’s haircut may look fantastic on her while looking very unflattering on another. This is why it’s critical to examine your facial shape before deciding on a major chop. A buzz cut, for example, looks fantastic on square features, but the same face doesn’t look so great in blunt bobs as it touches the chin, emphasizing the jaw to give a boxy image.

On the other hand, hairstyles for short hair that flatter all faces, such as bantu knots, are available. For good reason, Bantu has become one of the most dominant tresses that women with short hair like. You may sport this hairstyle no matter how short your hair is, and it can also be modified to reflect your personality. For example, it’s not uncommon to experiment with different colors, textures, accessories, and everything in between. The end product is delightfully unique!

Of course, not every woman is fortunate to have short hair that she would want to experiment with or is willing to chop. Don’t panic; you may still enjoy the glitter of short haircuts by using weaves and wigs to get your desired appearance. Are you ready to try out some new short hairstyles?

Check Out The Most Edgy Short black Hairstyles To Try In 2022

Crew Cut

Gone are the days when this haircut was just reserved for men. Celebrities and influencers alike are now embracing their edgier side with the crew cut. The tapering sides, especially when faded, lend length to the chin, making your face appear longer than it is. This is fantastic news for the girl with a round face.


The tried-and-true pixie is a cute yet edgy haircut ideal for short hair. What makes this choice fantastic for short hair, in my opinion, is how effortlessly it mixes tremendous impact with elegance. Few hairstyles can compete with that, making a pixie cut one of the first points of contact for girls looking for a chop. Pixie is one of those haircuts that looks good on practically any face shape, including oval, square, and heart-shaped features. However, it gains more points on round face shapes since it creates angles that might lessen the roundness of the face.

Blunt Bob

Regardless of how frequently they’ve been updated, bobs have remained faithful to women over the course of several years. These upgrades have included a variety of tones, mixtures, and, of course, cuts. The blunt bob is one of these varieties – a wonder for oval features! This edgy haircut for short hair has a glamorous air that instantly elevates any clothing. This implies that if you go blunt, you don’t have to give up glam.

Bantu knots

Tell me you’re pro-African without saying anything? Bantu knots should be the solution! This African-inspired hairstyle is not only fashionable, but it also protects your natural hair. Yes, you read that correctly! You can make all the fashion statements you want while still keeping your hair moisturized. It is unquestionably a win-win situation.


How low are you willing to go? If you want to go really low and are brave enough to pull off a table-shattering appearance, the buzzcut is for you. This short haircut is by far the easiest to maintain because all you need is your daily moisturizer and a little comb to get started. If you want to be the first to know, have your barber add some creative elements to your cut, such as swirly lines, steps, and even doodles. There are no restraints!