The Moreno Valley Rapper Lil Thirsty Steals the Breath Away With His Captivating Artistry

The year 2020 has witnessed the rise of many musical talents. With each passing day, such talented musicians are getting more exposed to the audience, and one such magnificent piece of talent is Lil Thirsty. This name needs no introduction as he has been consistently entertaining the heart and soul of the audiences with his amazing musical creations. His dynamic presence in the tracks has astonished one and all. And, he is certainly not going to stop, with a series of upcoming releases, he is all set to rock the industry in the coming times. The Moreno valley Rapper has made sure nothing goes beyond the vast ocean of hip hop and has held onto the traditional ingredients of the genre through the presentation of his tracks, something which has caught the ears of the audience. One can never argue with the amount of effort he has put into his creations and certainly not over the creative brilliance he possesses.

Be it his most recent release, ‘$um bandzz [prod. 23gelato]’ or his debut SoundCloud release, ‘JEALOUSY [Prod. Yung Pear]’, he has been able to cast a similar impact, which is musically majestic and professionally impressive. His first release did mark an unforgettable debut for the artist as well as the fans of the genre, who were thrilled to come across an artist of such great musical knowledge and undeniably supreme skills. From that to his latest release, things have changed and Lil Thirsty’s skills have got better with time, which is pretty evident from the magnificence of his performance in the recent track. Hugely inspired by famous artists, 50 cent, Lil Tracey, drake, and bone thugs, the artist has reflected his immense ability to enchanting the audience through these tracks. These are profoundly captivating and have the elements within which, you can easily let your soul get drowned and escape from reality. With the release of tracks like ‘My Name (Official Audio’, ‘all facts (HQ)’, ‘Wrong(HQ)’, etc., the artist has made the audience fall in love with his creativity. The beats are supreme and the sound design is worth listening to these more than a hundred times.

All of his tracks are pretty relatable as through these, he has expressed his pain, anger, and the ways of dealing with the emotions. The subject matters have helped in connecting to the audience and make the tracks more personal for the listeners. One such track is ‘NameYoPrice’, through which Lil Thirsty has presented his heart and soul to the audience, which the audience has showered with love and applauds. The tone is melodically soothing and the bars swiftly take the complete grasp over the mind of the listener and before they know it, it gets stuck to their mind and runs on a loop. Once you listen to his tracks, there is no turning back to ordinary music, as the expectation will reach new heights.

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