The modern Versailles 90,000 square feet; We are still waiting for the unveiling

Property under construction with one of the owners

The modern Versailles occupies an area of ​​90,000 square feet, without this, “counting the guardhouse, tennis and all that”.

The modern Versailles of 90,000 square feet

The modern Versailles still under construction

Inspired by a trip to the original construction, the family felt that it would thrive in a similar environment at home and ended up building the largest house in the United States. Unwittingly, of course, the size of the premises has increased and the eight children have added something. This teenager’s paradise includes a two-lane bowling alley, an indoor ice rink, an arcade and two movie theaters.

To compare the modern Versailles with the Palace of Versailles, in the south-west of France, you have to compare the large size of the building and its complex details. In the modern Versailles, the ballroom encloses an exquisitely artistic dome, whose design is so rich that it rivals the many Fabergé eggs that are stored in the garage of the institution. . The majestic ceiling design, which also includes colored inlaid glass, has been completed by an artist for several years and has cost more than half a million dollars just for the dome.

Years in the Making, Modern Versailles Ceiling Dome

The floor design of the ballroom aims to reflect the ceiling dome and encapsulate many of the romantic dawn’s ceilings’ features.

The semi-precious stones installed on the ground, notably Onyx and Lapis, reproduce the image on the ground.

Precast concrete exterior walls, embedded in Pavonazzo marble veneer, accentuate the royal similarities between this Florida property and the Palace of Versailles.

The modern Versailles still under construction in Florida

To align with the artificial lakes created for Louis XIV, the Siegels also artificially landscaped their land by raising the family home on top of an artificial hill. The 10 acre lakefront property is located on Kirkstone Lane, near Florida, in Orange County, United States.

The house includes a two-story cinema room with an interior balcony, inspired by the Paris Opera.

In addition to 32 bathrooms, 14 bedrooms, several indoor and outdoor pools, a personal wine cellar for 20,000 bottles, yoga studios, a fitness center with a spa 10,000 square feet and an elevator in the closet of the master bedroom.

After the owners have been approached by the television show Shark Tank, they plan to potentially add the largest tank of sharks in a private residence. Needless to say, they will not be bothered to personally clean such a device because the shark tank would be taken care of by Sea World. They are also considering incorporating a separate jellyfish tank. Without intention, it seems that this property makes the French original short and surely arouses the envy of the late Marie Antoinette.

Housekeeper cleaning one of the 32 bathrooms on the property

The very spacious property includes 11 separate kitchens. Why? because when the creative couple created, they thought about the happiness and well-being of their staff who will take care of these vast premises. The couple ensured that the modern Versailles would have 10 staff quarters, each with a Jacuzzi and a kitchen, so that their assistants could cooperate again after a long day spent maintaining such a large home. .

So we ask the question … who are the ambitious owners of this modern palace?

Roles belong to the husband and wife, David and Jacqueline Siegel. He is the owner of timeshare provider Westgate Resorts, a self-styled billionaire, she is a former beauty queen.

David and Jacqueline Siegel in their current home

Jacqueline with their children

After waiting 15 years in suspense during the construction of this grand hotel, we die to know when we can see the finished product.

The building was paused during the 2008 recession, when the banks forced the owner-manager property into the market. At that time in 2012, it had not aroused any interest from buyers. Yet, says Jacqueline Siegel, the property was not really for sale, but simply put on the market to reassure banks during the recession. However, she goes on to say,

“If a crazy amount is offered, the sale may become valid”. A price of $ 100,000,000 would open the door to a sales discussion, making it the 4th most expensive house in the United States.

Unless already sold, the Siegel family is looking forward to celebrating his father’s birthday at The Modern Versailles on May 3, 2019. The couple claims to be back in the process of completing the project. And on this note, we are waiting to see if the modern Versailles will compete with the old.

For video footage of the property, see The Modern Versailles

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