The men’s health guide for 2020

Whatever your dreams and aspirations in life and no matter how successful you become, good health will always be at the heart of a life well-lived. A healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance at every stage in life, and will ensure that you feel your best now as well as protecting your future. As men age, there are certain common conditions that can rear their heads, but most of them are either preventable or treatable. Here, we look at how to optimise your health and avoid common problems, whatever your age – helping you to feel your best ever now, and long into the future.

Safeguard your cardiovascular health


Cardiovascular issues are common in men as they age, but the choices you make now could stand you in good stead for a healthier heart long-term. The most important thing you can do is to ensure you are getting regular exercise – high-intensity cardio at least three times a week will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, and a regular and consistent routine can strengthen your heart and blood vessels, improve the flow of oxygen through your body and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

It can also reduce your risk of conditions including heart disease, diabetes, strokes and a range of other conditions – worth taking the time out of your day for, if you ask us. Your diet is also a key contributing factor when it comes to cardiovascular health, so look at what you’re eating each day and be prepared to make some changes where appropriate. Cut down on processed meats and other processed foods, and add more leafy green vegetables, whole grains and oily fish to your die – or, try going plant-based, which has also been shown to have positive effects on cardiovascular health.

Overcome erectile dysfunction


As many as 52% of men are thought to suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, with up to 40% of men in their forties and 70% of those in their seventies affected by this upsetting issue.

Erectile dysfunction is, in general a marker for cardiovascular function, so its presence can indicate a decline in cardiovascular health. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise, as mentioned above, can help to prevent this – so if you’ve avoided the condition so far, then there is still time to take action. If the problem persists, the good news is that erectile dysfunction is no longer the taboo subject it once was – and nor is it an untreatable condition. In fact, there are a range of medically approved treatments now available on the market, so there is no need to suffer in silence.

Even so, seeking help from your GP can feel embarrassing, but there are now ways to source your treatment without having to go through a face-to-face appointment. Online pharmacies such as PrescriptionDoctor are simple to use; you simply fill in a medical questionnaire, and it is then reviewed by both an online doctor, who is then able to prescribe a recommended treatment. Best of all, PrescriptionDoctor Treatments are sent to your door in discrete packaging – so no-one need ever know if you don’t want them to.

Prevent male pattern baldness


A good hair day is something that can fill you with confidence, and a slick haircut is the icing on the cake when it comes to pulling off a suave look that will win you respect. But it’s also something that can end rather abruptly for many men, with the early onset of male pattern baldness. Hair loss can be an embarrassing and frustrating issue to contend with, but is something that affects around 65% of men – and often, at a younger age than expected. Thinning on top and receding hairlines can commonly begin in the mid-thirties, with some men experiencing issues even sooner.

For many, hair loss isn’t just an aesthetic concern, but can have a serious knock-on effect on confidence levels, too. But the good news is that nowadays, there are a wealth of treatments available on the market that can help – and starting to use them early to prevent problems before they start could be the best way to maintain that thick and healthy-looking mane. Ask your doctor to recommend the best and most effective treatments for you. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so start early and you could stand to avoid this issue entirely. However you choose to live your life, there is nothing more important than good health. So, if you do one thing in 2020, take some time to look after yours – you’ll thank yourself for it later.