The Maryland hip hop singer Mayne is turning heads with his revolutionary music in the hip hop scene

With its charismatic ability to reach a broad spectrum of audiences, hip hop has always been my favorite genre among all. Recently I have come across the eccentric work of the brilliant hip hop and rap musician called Mayne, whose musicality has left me with the utter realization of spiritual elevation grafted by his mindful employment of moving and heartfelt lyricism. Carefully picking rich elements from different genres, his soundscape is opulent in versatile majesty, inviting his fans to a voyage through an ocean of tonal delight. Distancing himself from the use of profanity, he aspires to inspire his listeners with his courageous wordplay to have faith in themselves in their road to recovery through hardship.


This promising Maryland hip hop singer has developed a vast fan base with his exquisite songs like ‘Moonlight’, ‘Dream’, ‘No Hook’, ‘Blasphemous’, and many more making a regular appearance in various radio stations all over the country. Appreciating his genuine passion for music-making, I have thoroughly enjoyed his artistic splendor exuded through the masterful employment of perfectly arranged chords matching the equally thrilling bassline. As Mayne is naturally gifted with a robust and captivating voice; he eloquently utilizes it to intensify the lush, groovy melody. To get addicted to his musical ecstasy, follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

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