The Maggiore 308M Combines New Technology With Italian Style in a Vintage Atmosphere

Unveiling its first-ever engineered project, the 308M is a car without compromise, that focuses on the pleasure of old-fashioned driving, enjoyment and safety. Founded in 2019 by Gianluca Maggiore, MAGGIORE S.r.l. is a new business based in Forte dei Marmi. Established with a mission to create unique and exclusive vehicles, Maggiore prioritizes personalisation and allure, amongst an array of characteristics that other industrial products no longer convey.

Modified both aesthetically as well as mechanically, the 308M was conceptualised based off a Ferrari 308. Heavily inspired by the original Prancing Horse model, Maggiore presents their modern rendition of this classic beauty. Without distorting the original stylistic features and the historical context of this legendary vehicle, the brand redesigns and constructs this build from the ground-up.

Through utilizing bodywork made entirely from carbon fibre, and upgrading the car’s original engine, the 308M boasts enhanced handling, strength and fuel consumption. Submitted to a complete restyling, the car’s interior upholds its rich 80’s vintage atmosphere. Showcasing a multitude of innovative elements and materials, the 308M features carbon fibre, leather, Alcantara suede, and marble detailing, which provide a subtle homage to the origins of the Tuscan company.

Alongside the inclusion of LED lights, carbon fibre components, racing suspensions, Brembo braking system and 17” alloy wheels, the most iconic components such as, the grilles on the back hood and the front mudguards, the doors with the classic air inlets and the general shape of the interior, have since been preserved, whilst the remaining were reviewed and redesigned with profound respect for the car’s momentous history.

With a carbon diffuser and a new stainless steel exhaust system attached to its lower back bumpers, the 308M incites a glorious feeling of ownership and expert craftsmanship. Through the integration of a side-spoiler in the shape of a light tick, this vehicle pays tribute to the famous Ferrari models of the past, whilst its historic V8 Quattrovalvole injection system has been completely upgraded to achieve more favourable torque curves and greater power.

Promising up to 300HP at 7000rpm and a maximum torque of 300Nm at 5500rpm, with 250Nm already available at 3000rpm, the 308M represents the union of modern Northern European design with Italian culture and Mediterranean styles. Constructed in close collaboration with Amsterdam-based Studio Stefan Scholten, and leading US textile company Maharam, the Maggiore 308M is complemented by a series of tailor-made accessories, including luggage sets, keyrings, wallets and a leather clothing line.