“The Machines” By Zeds Dead And Blank Is Out Now On Deadbeats

Blanke and Zeds Dead have collaborated for a long time, whether it’s the latter releasing on Deadbeats and touring, or even remixing “Bumpy Teeth” with Subtronics. But they’ve now officially collaborated, and it’s all we could have hoped for.

“The Machines” strikes that ideal spot of midtempo, avoiding the stale tendency of 2017-2018, when the genre was initially gaining traction. Midtempo has evolved in recent years, and with Zeds Dead and Blanke at the lead, this is one of the best representations of the new era we’ve heard. Not to add the stunning sound design throughout the song, from the short glitched effects to the ghastly noises of creepy crawlies at the start juxtaposed against the unassuming acoustic guitar melody.