The Louis Vuitton Sneaker Trunk and Box is a Throne For Shoes

Sneakerheads everywhere share a couple of things in common, the love of sneakers and the innate need to keep them pristine. From wiping away stains, to clearing dirt from soles and air drying damp shoes, mothering the trendiest fashion apparel is not easy feat. Free from overcrowded constraints of regular cabinets and the overlap of other shoes, Louis Vuitton’s latest customizable sneaker trunk and box is everything we’ve been yearning for.

Making its official debut at the Miami Savoir-Faire showcase on December 3rd, the Louis Vuitton trunk accommodates at least six pairs of low-top shoes up to size 13 and eight pairs of high-top sneakers up to size 12. Customizable to each individual’s demands, customers have the opportunity to design each trunk from scratch including an even more so personalized touch of their monogrammed initials.

Inspired by a past collaboration with Adidas, the sneaker trunk is based off the FIFA-related trunk which holds re-editions of the 14 official Adidas match balls used in every World Cup tournament since 1970. While the trunk was designed for a charity auction at the Naked Heart Foundation gala on July 12th, it stylishly featured the classic Louis Vuitton design with brass corners, monogrammed canvas and cream leather trimmings.

Wrapped in leather, the portable sneaker box features the brand’s signature monogram pattern and can hold a singular pair of shoes. Doubling up as a display unit, the box incorporates a fold-down Perspex window, showcasing the contents stored within. With two drawers hidden behind the slanted sneaker pedestal, the box offers storage space for additional footwear accessories. The box will also officially debut on December 3rd, coinciding with the Design Miami and Art Basel.