The Long-Awaited Release Of Moore Kismet’s Debut Album, “UNIVERSE”

Moore Kismet has been destined for stardom ever since we first saw them play live in 2019. There was a feeling of honesty in one‘s manner and approach to the art that we felt was severely lacking at the time; today, three years later, we are pleased to listen to their debut album, UNIVERSE, and confirm that original impression.

Despite the fact that eleven of the seventeen album tracks had already been released as singles, and three function as prologue, intermission, and epilogue, it’s still better to hear an album as it was intended to be presented – as a package. You can acquire an album’s tracklist early and order all the singles, but it’s never the same as listening as the artist intended. UNIVERSE provides a comprehensive and raw insight inside Moore Kismet’s creative mind, particularly as it has evolved and matured over the last three years.

The album has existed in some form for at least that long, with the first song, “Rumor,” published more than a year ago. With Moore Kismet’s career’s exponential development, fans at practically all levels have been able to grow and experience the process unfold with them throughout time, which is something that seldom happens so widely. Moore Kismet’s debut album, UNIVERSE, is now available. Listen to it below.