The Lines of Social Awareness in Artist Darrell Kelley’s Song ‘The Coronavirus’ is an Alarming Verse

Singer and composer Darrell Kelley’s new song, ‘The Coronavirus’ is a creative tribute to its acknowledgment and awareness in the times of global crisis. The spiritual virtues of gospel music are being utilized this time to spread awareness across global communities as we fight collectively against the wretched grasp of the coronavirus. Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and author Darrell Kelley’s new song, ‘The Coronavirus’ is a cry against the ongoing global situation that has captivated my attention.

The stark creative format of the song is compelling and gives people and communities hope to emerge victorious from this unprecedented situation. However, through his motivational lines and vocal resistance, he was successful in giving his audience a taste of hope even when the lack of positivity and optimism have practically left us all destitute.

Artist Darrell Kelley’s musical perceptions of unadulterated gospel tunes made a surprising crossover into mainstream and contemporary hip-hop and R&B and established his extent of creative desires. As he climbs the steps to creative freedom through his relentless ventures in various fields, he will only get closer to his audience.

‘The Coronavirus’ is also an eccentric musical confluence of jazz, R&B, and spiritual gospel that collectively delivers a universal harmony. His songs, ‘Believe In Something (Kneel)’, ‘Because of You’, ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘I’m So High’ also express his unparalleled passion towards reformation through music. Follow him on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and his official website and find your ideal place of belief.

Darrell Kelley – The Coronavirus (Official Video)