The Librarian Drops Intricate New Bass Track, “Blue Tusk”

In the world of experimental bass, The Librarian has been doing it longer than most. As co-founder and music director of Bass Coast Music Festival, and a producer since the early 2000s, The Librarian has a keen ear for innovative melodies and rhythms. On her new song “Blue Tusk,” she merges half-time bass with deep percussion and a hypnotic lead synth. It’s a simple rhythm, but it’s augmented by the reverb and repetition, creating a mesmerizing effect that lulls you in. This isn’t the type of headbanging, high-energy track you’ll hear at peak hours at a festival; rather, it’s the 3am vibes when you’re on your last leg and all you can manage is to sway back and forth. “Blue Tusk” encourages that behavior, and gives you a soundtrack to it. Check out “Blue Tusk” below.