The leading autumn nail trends for 2020

As autumn gets underway and we head full steam ahead towards winter, many of us are revelling in the opportunity to overhaul our wardrobes and invest in some new key pieces to take us through into 2020. But as well as changing things up in the clothing department, don’t forget to neglect your beauty regime, too – and that includes your nails.

Keeping your talons well looked after and lacquered up to the max is an instant way to inject a little glamour into your look – and since luxury salons tend to get booked up months in advance in the lead-up to Christmas, don’t forget to make your next few appointments in a block so that you don’t have to miss out on that perpetual painted perfection. Or, if you happen to be a pro yourself and prefer to do your pampering at home, then it’s a great time to stock up on some luxury Hollywood nail supplies for the season ahead.

When it comes to the shades to be seen in for autumn/winter 2020/1, gone are the months of warm, pretty pastels and summer brights, which are quickly making way for the return of our favourite nudes, reds and darker, moodier shades – the nail colours that this chillier time of year is known for.

As with any new season though, the classic shades have been given a makeover, with several new ‘must have’ colours having already started to dominate luxury nail salons. So, if you’re eager to know which headliners you’ll be lacquering up with this season, then read on – because we’ve rounded up four of the best.


Keeping your talons well looked after and lacquered up to the max is an instant way to inject a little glamour into your look

Ice blue

Although summer pastels are now but a different memory, there’s still very much a space for cooler varieties as we head into autumn and winter, and this season’s ice blue shade is already proving to be a hit.

Over the past few years, blue has earned itself a status as very much ‘the new black’, with various shades – such as the elegant galaxy and midnight blues – having dominated in the style stakes last year. For 2020/21 though, it’s time to lighten up, and this creamy, baby blue style is icey enough to evoke thoughts of chilly winter days but pretty enough to wear all season long.

An excellent interim shade for autumn before the deep reds, dark blues and inevitable shimmers and sparkles take hold in time for Christmas, it’s a shade that will suit all skin tones.

Royal dark teal

If the standard spectrum of blues aren’t quite your cup of tea, then why not opt for something a little more regal? The dark royal teal shade of the season has received the nod from Megan Markle, and although she has now stepped away from her royal duties, there’s no denying that it’s an inspired shade. From the Aztecs to the Egyptians, it has long been a celebrated shade in history, but for 2020/21, it’s guaranteed to bring your nail game bang up to date.

A departure from the lighter, turquoise varieties of summer, this jewel-toned shade is streets ahead in the style stakes for autumn and winter.

Brown manicures are trending for fall, as seen on celebrities like Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian

Chocolate milk

Channel 70s vibes with the new season chocolate milk nail trend – a shade that looks good enough to eat. One a vibe for clothing and accessories, the colour is experiencing a renaissance in 2020/21, but this time, it’s all about the nails.

A subtle shade that is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to any well put together look for autumn, it’s a choice that looks great teamed with cosy knitwear in creams and neutrals as things get a little chillier outside – and goes perfectly with brown leather boots and handbags.

Pale grey

If you thought we’d finally seen the last of the greys that have dominated autumn and winter for the past few years, think again. This year, it’s all about this frosty, pared-down variation, which exudes understated elegance with ease.

If you think that greys look cold or boring, we urge you to give this one a try – it’s certainly as cool as they come, but looks utterly sophisticated on a great set of nails, and can be easily worn in place of the more classic nudes we’re accustomed to, such as taupes and beiges.

Worn in a matte finish, it looks as great paired with sharp black tailoring as it does cosy creams and whites, and offers a timeless appeal that will see you through the season in style.

With a range of exciting new nail colours to choose from for autumn/winter, it ultimately comes down to taste. But one thing that should remain the same across the board is an excellent manicure, which will prepare your hands and nails and create the perfect canvas for a masterpiece.