The Le Bijou Covid-19 Service is a Luxuriously Customizable Quarantine Package

With almost every city across the globe, implementing stringent lockdowns and quarantines, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has left businessowners and industries in a cloud of uncertainty and fear, as daily operations and traffic come to an abrupt standstill.

Getting creative, in an effort to salvage and secure reservations, whilst meeting the evolved needs of its clientele, high-end Swiss hospitality company that’s part grand hotel and part serviced apartment, Le Bijou, has officially launched the world’s first luxury quarantine package.

Dubbed the Covid-19 Service, the latest package serves as a direct response to the hotel’s influx in overwhelming requests for upscale private spaces, equipped with daily cooking and cleaning essentials, alongside the appropriate access healthcare. Offering guests a customizable stay with add-ons which include automated check-ins, in-room coronavirus testing, scheduled doctor visits, and round-the-clock nurse care by a private health clinic in Switzerland known as Double Check, Le Bijou ensures each individual is holistically looked after, without breaching the nation’s preset quarantine requirements.

Worth an estimated $7,100+/-, guests are given free rein to personalize their package as they see fit through a menu of a la carte, in-room treatments, which include,  a $500 coronavirus test, two-daily nurse check-ins worth $1,800, 24/7 nurse care for an estimated $4,800, plus food deliveries and personal chef services.

With the elimination of daily cleanings, guests are in-charge of keeping their space neat during their stay, while the hotel works to thoroughly sanitize all rooms before and after guest checkout.

“We advise them to stay where we are, because that’s advised by the government. They need to stay in quarantine. They shouldn’t leave anymore if they’ve tested positive.” – Alexander Hübner, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Le Bijou Hotel & Resort Management AG.

Steadily growing in popularity, despite its recent establishment, the Le Bijou package has received an overwhelmingly positive response with a constant stream of inquires each day. Le Bijou has since provided a series of disclaimers, discouraging existing Covid-19 patients from booking, whilst reassuring guests that the hotel will adapt and arrange medical coverage for those at risk.