The Latest Gucci Timepiece Will Grip Both Your Wrist and Attention

Harnessing the combined spirit of both human interaction and the youth, is Gucci’s latest timepiece venture. Embodying the handshake’s warm gesture of inclusivity and the exhilarating thrill of skateboarding, creative director Alessandro Michele presents Gucci Grip and the G-Timeless – two unisex wrist watches featuring a yellow gold PVD case, three windows indicating hour, minute and date, as well as, a similarly designed bracelet with “GG” engraved. Released in multiple designs, alternative Grip watches incorporate steel casing and interchangeable green alligator straps.

Crafted with a steel case, and black onyx stone dial, the G-Timeless Automatic’s design incorporates bees and a choice between a steel bracelet or case with an 18kt yellow gold buckle, blue lapiz stone dial and interchangeable blue lizard strap.

Fascinated by the skating boarding community’s genuine inclusivity, diversity and radical lifestyle, Alessandro’s latest watch designs are inspired by the grip tape skaters use on their decks to keep from slipping – blending timeless appeal with a highly contemporary style to create a timepiece which grips the wrist firmly.

As part of its latest campaign, Gucci invited numerous skaters and artists from across the world to participate in sharing their personal stories of their community and lifestyle. By featuring participants of all ages and gender rocking the Grip watch, Gucci aims to diversify its market and the functionality of its product range. The images, videos and artwork documented during the campaign will feature cities such as London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, New York, Shanghai and Seoul. Portraying life at its most joyful, active, creative, and social – Gucci’s latest release honors the inclusion of subculture in society.

The Gucci Grip and “the spirit of skateboarding” are also the focus of the Gucci Arcade’s third game, allowing users to play with House characters inspired by vintage video games.

While Gucci is yet to inform on the official pricings, more information on the Grip watch can be accessed through the brand’s official website.