The Latest From Jeffrey Sutorius & Timmo Hendriks, “ The Afterlife ” Feat. LUX

Festivals are making their return, but, perhaps it’s been a while since you last danced at the mainstage. If you’re missing those melodic, progressive festival vibes, I’ve got the song for you. “The Afterlife” by Jeffrey Sutorius (FKA Dash Berlin) & Timmo Hendriks ft. LUX will scratch that main stage itch for you with its emotional vocals, bright melodies and epic synths. Play this track out at the highest possible volume. “The Afterlife” marks the second time Sutorius and Timmo Hendriks have collaborated.

They previously worked together on 2020’s “Keep Me Close.” Timmo fits that melodic progressive sound that Protocol highlights to a T. In his post-Dash Berlin career, it seems like Jeff makes for a seamless fit on a label that highlights festival-friendly music. Thankfully, us listeners get to reap the benefits of this great combination. Check out the latest from Jeffrey Sutorius & Timmo Hendriks, “The Afterlife” featuring LUX. Out now on Protocol.