The Latest Beauty Eyeliner Trend, The Reverse Cat Eye

The eyeliner is arguably the simplest makeup gesture to personalize and adapt to your daily desires. It’s the way you can get away with only a simple stroke of ink and also how instant that that mere stroke can add an instant spark to your eyes that makes them a personal favorite.  This season, the eyeliner has taken on an interesting turn with the reverse eyeliner tend. From Instagram to TikTok and the red carpets, beauty fanatics are defining this trend in more ways than one.

Whether with an unexpected color for a pop effect, or an ultra graphic for a more modern and dynamic style, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice! In addition to the unexpected edge this look can create, it also does well in complementing every eye shape. Whether round, monolid, or almond, you can play your eyes up with the reverse cat eye trend. As you spot your favorite beauty influencer making this trend hers, do well to add a bit of your personality while replicating the look. And because the trend is original to the end, it not only works great with colors, but also with a glitter or metallic finish; we have seen all kinds of variations.

What’s The Reverse Cat Eye?

As the name suggests, the reverse cat eye is done by putting the eyeliner on the lower part of the eye and no longer on the top eyelid. Even easier to achieve than the traditional method, this eyeliner trend consists of applying your liner line flush with the lower lashes, like a kohl line, to emphasize the look. The result is a glamorous, sexy, and very eye-catching look. Of course, don’t hesitate to adapt this trend as you wish: vary the colors, styles, and line thicknesses.

You can choose to draw a simple line across the lower lash line or add a wing for a stylish cat-eye effect. For an even bolder look, you can apply eyeliner both below and above the eye. However, it is important to remember that it will make your eyes appear smaller. You can also combine this look with eye shadow or keep it more understated. The choice is all yours! Black quickly becomes too harsh for people with smaller eyes or fairer skin. However, it is best to go for brown or lighter colors, such as pink when experimenting with this look. Also, another option is to use eye shadow to draw the line so that it doesn’t look too intense.

Be inspired By These Reverse Cat Eye Looks

Reverse Cat Eye Tutorial