The King Seiko Collection

Image: Seiko

Seiko had a golden age in the 1960s. During that time period, the brand made major advances in technical advancement and design inventiveness. During this period, the King Seiko line, together with Grand Seiko (which was still a part of the Seiko brand at the time), demonstrated Seiko’s capacity to manufacture exceptionally exquisite and trustworthy clocks with excellent accuracy. The King Seiko name is back, and with it comes a delightful and welcoming collection of five new timepieces. We look at the new watch and the intricacies that give it the King Seiko title.

The new King Seiko casing has been intended to blend seamlessly with the boxed-shaped sapphire crystal, giving in a thin and elegant look. A magnificent bracelet is attached to the case, paying respect to the style of the original King Seiko with its various bevelled surfaces reflecting the light dynamically. Sharp angles and large flat surfaces with mirror and brushed finishes characterize the conspicuous faceted lugs. Another distinguishing feature is the 12 o’clock index, which is more than twice as wide as the others and has a texture for improved readability and shine. All models have crowns and casebacks that boldly display the new King Seiko symbol. Its design is based on that of the 1965 KSK.

As previously stated, the new King Seiko collection is divided into five variations distinguished by dial color. The SPB279 has the original silver tone dial of the 1965 KSK, whereas the rest have dials in light grey, charcoal grey, brown, and red. Five different leather straps crafted to properly complement the watches will be available as an extra option.