The key health and fitness trends we expect to see this summer

Amidst the global pandemic we are currently facing, many of us may find ourselves in a health crisis, and with a fully-fledged, worldwide lockdown looming over our heads, why would anyone be thinking about anything other than the doom and gloom of Covid-19? After all, the evolving trends of the health and fitness world seem rather irrelevant at this point, right?

Wrong. In a time like this, with self-isolation and social distancing becoming the new norm, we all might just have a golden opportunity right in front of us waiting to be seized; a chance to prioritise and finally commit to developing and improving our personal health, wellbeing and fitness regimes. So while we remain vigilant in the world and sensitive to the people around us, we must also try to find the positive parts in this crucial time.

Mindfulness and meditation

A little different than the traditional heavy workout routine, but perhaps something a lot of us could greatly benefit from (especially now when anxieties and stresses are running rampant) is the art of mindfulness and meditation.

It is not all that surprising that this form of emotional and mental exercise is set to become a huge trend this summer. With an unknown and ominous journey ahead of us, the health benefits that can be reaped from these types of practices–including improved focus, mental resilience, decreased stress and anxiety levels, and increased self-awareness–could not come at a better time. For those who would like to incorporate elements of mindfulness and meditation into their daily routine, but also enjoy their blood-pumping workouts, fitness instructors are beginning to combine the two to create and encourage something they like to call “active mindfulness”.

The growth of vaping

As more and more people reach the realisation that smoking really and truly is as bad for you as they say it is, they begin to search for a means to an end, or at least an alternative.

Over the past few years the electronic cigarette has gradually increased in popularity with people favouring the fruity-flavoured, vaporised liquid over the traditional tobacco cigarette. While you can still buy vaping pens and e-cigarettes that contain nicotine within the chemical formula, many people opt out of this in an attempt to quit smoking. As society continues to strive towards making healthier life choices, it is likely we will see a continued switch from smoking to vaping in the process, and with vaping shops like popping up all over the world in malls, on high streets and of course, online, the choice of brands, styles and flavours is endless.

At-home workouts

Sometimes the gym can seem a little daunting, what with all the intricate machines and the people who actually now how to work them, or it could be further away than you would like, or simply just the last thing on your mind after a long day. Whatever the reason, it matters no more as on-demand, at-home workouts are set to be trending this summer.

The traditional methods of downloading your own quick and simple workout plans to smash out in the home gym have always been a popular solution for those wanting to remain at home whilst getting fit, but now we are seeing a rise in other, more flashier solutions to at-home fitness.

Apps and online resources, plus the development of virtual trainers, are great forms of digital training, yet still provide you with that gym feeling without all the hassles of the actual gym. Advanced, high-tech equipment is becoming available for you to upgrade your at-home workout experience. For example: the newest most up-to-date exercise bikes with built in trainers, routines and classes; a workout mirror made specifically to act as a virtual personal trainer allowing you to copy movements, participate in classes whilst also being able to see yourself; and a complete, all-in-one fitness system that can be mounted to your wall allowing you to conduct hundreds of different exercises right in the comfort of your home.

Personalisation and customisation

Finally, expect to see people tailoring their workout specifically to fit them. Rather than following the same exercise regime or meal plan as someone else, instead look for ways in which you can maximise your health and fitness improvements by personalising your actions specifically to suit your needs. Experts in the industry are predicting a rise in targeted supplementation where people will be tested for deficiencies in order to learn what supplements they genuinely require taking. Customised fitness programs and products are also set to trend as the demand for bespoke and ultimately more efficient services rise for people after something that works in harmony with their goals and their lifestyle.