The Japanese Island’s Traditional DenPaku Beachfront MIJORA Villas and Resorts

Dedicated to passing down the traditional ethos and culture of the Amamian people, through preserving nature, architecture and villages, DenPaku offers a variety of tourist accommodation across the Japanese islands of Amami Oshima, Kakeromajima and Tokunoshima.

Ranging from resorts to boutique hotels, the first two DenPaku inns were established in the northern region of Amami Oshima in 2016. Conceptualized and designed by Atelier TEKUTO’s principal architect Yasuhiro “Hiro” Yamashita, DenPaku inns are a product of the restoration and conversion of abandoned houses.

Complete with congenial furnishings, DenPaku strives to maintain each home’s original build and provide guests with an air of familiarity, warmth and comfort through well-equipped bathroom and kitchen facilities.

With thirteen villas stretched across the west coasts of north Amami and seven villas situated at south Kamesaki, each home features a modern interpretation of Amamian traditional wood roofs, origami-like concrete structures, four distinct floor patterns, and an enormous floor-to ceiling connecting window.