The Island From Fyre Festival’s Promo Video Is Now Up For Sale

fyre festival

There isn’t anything about Fyre Festival that didn’t end up being a fraud. The artists on the lineup all pulled out and the amenities were anything but… it did end up being the trip of the lifetime for most, but for all the wrong reasons. The island shown in the promotional video which made it a viral sensation was also not the island the festival eventually used. However, that island, Saddle Back Cay, can now be yours. The island is now on sale for $11.8 million by Bahamas realtor HG Christie. It spans 35 acres, has a protected bay and seven beaches… while Fyre Festival was a particularly egregious sh*t storm, the island itself is almost too perfect. (And, it should be noted, was not ever owned by Pablo Escobar.)

As Forbes suggests, you’d think that anything Fyre-related would be taboo after the bad press it’s gotten. Yet, after both the Netflix and Hulu documentaries, interest in the island skyrocketed.

“I actually had a buyer the next day after it aired”, says listing agent John Christie. “They came down to check it out but it ended up not being right for them.”

So why is it still on sale? It turns out the island is tied to a company — buying one requires purchase of the other. And not every land owner is particularly interested in becoming a business owner.

Get reacquainted with the island in the video which got it famous below.