The inspiring MV ‘I Learn The Hard Way’ by WillardThaThird aims to help the generation through hardship

The young Ohio hip hop artist WillardThaThird presents mesmerizing melodies portrayed through enticing visual elements in his recent MV ‘I Learn The Hard Way’.

As I have always been attracted to hip hop music more than any other genre, I am always looking for new content to quench my thirst. Recently I discovered this startling music video called ‘I Learn The Hard Way’ by budding musician WillardThaThird which is an ecstatic voyage through a wistful reverie portraying mesmerizing harmony that resonates through his deep and soulful voice. The unique visual concept of employing beautiful and apt animated clippings in the MV, carefully syncopated with the eloquent libretto, generates authentic emotions from his audience.

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, the young artist is devoted to making creative and original musical pieces with genuine passion.  The gifted star WillardThaThird displays his wonderful understandings of technicalities oh hip hop music in his latest track ‘I Learn The Hard Way’ (Prod. By Jammy Beatz) infusing groovy yet melancholic beats to set up an appropriate bed for his symbolic and articulate lyricism that portrays picturesque elements conveying his deepest thoughts and feelings to his listeners. Destined to become a prominent musical figure in the hip hop scene the gifted Ohio hip hop artist has created several tracks like ‘Roof Top’, ‘Goku’, ‘She Never Write Back’, and ‘Help Myself’ exhibiting his robust vocal velocity. To be updated on his musicality, make sure to follow him on YouTube.

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