The Inner Circle – a dating app actually designed not to be used

There’s actually a dating app designed not to be used…If you think it about it (although you’d probably rather not) we waste hours on our phones, swiping and scrolling aimlessly on all these apps that use sneaky techniques to keep us hooked for as long as possible. It’s pretty groundbreaking then that The Inner Circle takes the opposite approach to regular dating apps and trying to get you off your phone as soon as possible by using IRL tips like hotspots and travel features, and hosting events that people actively recommended to us.

Quit swiping all together.

A real life person goes through every new profile, verifying them. This means The Inner Circle has no fake profiles, no catfish, and most importantly maintains a close network of people who are all in the same phase of life. We’re not talking about solely about bankers or trust fund babies, we found plenty of cool creative people among a variety of professions like teachers, nurses, students and etc.

You can view members straight away on the wall, like whoever catches your eye, and get chatting straight away. By cutting out the swiping and showing you members that you would get along with saves you a hell of a lot of time and means you can get on with what you’re there for – dating. It genuinely is that simple.

Online dating… but offline.

This is the best part. Each feature on the app is designed from the bottom up to get you off your phone. They’re created this super cool section called ‘Spots’, which is a list of member-verified date locations all over your city. From cosy bars to dirty burger joints, there’s literally no way you won’t find somewhere to go.

The Inner Circle also hosts monthly events ranging from extravagant rooftop parties to after work cocktails at fun and quirky venues around the world. And unlike most singles parties these aren’t the cringe-worthy speed dating events you may have had nightmares about. No, these parties come in all shapes and sizes are the perfect place to let your guard down, mingle, and get to know other like-minded singles.

This is why The Inner Circle is causing such a stir in the online dating scene. You get matches in minutes, hundreds of date ideas at the touch of a button, and some seriously cool singles parties – every month. If you’re serious about dating and are fed up of dating apps stealing your precious time, sign up for The Inner Circle, its free.