The Importance Of Men’s Skincare Routines

If you’re on the hunt for advice surrounding men’s skincare, including moisturising do’s and don’ts, then you’re probably set to be disappointed. Whilst there are thousands of articles centred around women’s skincare, men are often left to fend for themselves. There appears to be a significant lack of information on this topic, as if many are treating it as some absurd taboo that will diminish the perceived masculinity of all the men out there. Nevertheless, men want to moisturise, they want to have great skin and, thankfully, those who are determined to find answers now can. Jade Vanich, founder of the male skincare brand Bettr, provides his experienced insight into everything men need to know about moisturising in 2021! Keep reading this skin-protecting piece to learn more about the importance of men’s skincare routines and what you ought to be doing to care for your skin type.

What Is Moisturiser?

man moisturising

Applying moisturiser will allow it to repair damaged skin, restore natural oils and preserve your skin’s moisture

Yes, it may seem like a silly question to some, but for all those who are completely new to skincare, covering these basics is very important. Whilst the name may suggest that it wets the skin, its actual role is to retain moisture. This is achieved through the inclusion of humectants, or other substances that help to retain moisture, and occlusives, which help to prevent water evaporating from the skin.

Why Should I Maintain A Moisturising Routine?

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Bettr is a leading male grooming brand

Despite it being an activity that is frequently catered towards women, men should maintain a moisturising routine for the same reason that women do. Skin, as the largest organ we have, is the first line of defense against infection and disease. It goes without saying that it’s in your physical health’s best interest to keep your skin as healthy as possible, not to mention the personal comfort that accompanies this. Whilst there are countless creams and lotions that falsely promise to make the user look healthier, younger and wrinkle-free within a couple of applications, that doesn’t mean the act of moisturising should be written off entirely. A good moisturiser will not only help to treat dry or damaged skin, but can also offer protection to sensitive skin, whilst improving its overall texture.

Despite the leading reason to adopt a moisturising routine being to replenish the moisture lost to dry skin, it’s important not to forget that those with naturally oily skin will feel the benefits of moisturising too. More often than not, those with oily skin will use cleansing products that strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it very dry before getting oily again. Overall, however, whether your skin is naturally dry, oily, a combination of the two or (if you’re lucky) neither, moisturising regularly will still help to maintain a good balance. Not only this but, as previously mentioned, it’s simply good for your health.

What’s The Best Routine For Me?

man moisturising

It’s always a good idea to take a look at the ingredients of the moisturiser you’re considering and to keep an eye out for natural ingredients

As many men won’t feel prepared to dive into the deep-end of skincare and swim through the seemingly endless supply of products that are constantly pushed on women for their every skincare need, they’re likely to find comfort in the simpler products. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, then a moisturiser that can assist with all skin types, such as Bettr’s range of products, is a safe bet. It’s always a good idea to take a look at the ingredients of the moisturiser you’re considering and to keep an eye out for natural ingredients!

A warm shower is the perfect way to start any moisturising routine. Whilst you’re under the water, make sure to exfoliate your skin in order to open up your pores. This can really help to revitalize the skin and will allow soap to clear out any oil or dirt that’s clogging your pores. When it comes to drying off, air drying or patting yourself dry with a soft, clean towel is advisable, as it’s better to apply your moisturiser of choice to slightly damp skin. Applying moisturiser at this point will allow it to repair damaged skin, restore natural oils and preserve your skin’s moisture before it has a chance to escape.

As with many things, experimentation is key when identifying the best moisturiser for your skin type, but research is very important too! Take the time to understand what your skin needs and look into the moisturiser ingredients that provide the solution you’re after. Keep your eyes peeled for moisturisers containing vitamin E. Functioning as a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E will help to prevent cancer and other serious illnesses.