The Importance of Having a Perfect Smile for Male Confidence


We all have that friend who has a magnetic way with the ladies. Sometimes you wonder, since he is not the most athletic guy, how he gets so much attention. You’ve seen it even when he isn’t dressed impeccably. Women of all ages are simply drawn to him. We’re here to tell you there is a secret weapon: a great smile. The smile is more powerful than a Savile Row suit, and chiselled features. Good looks are good genes, but a great smile is a sign of class, wealth and confidence.

Let’s face it, there is a million-dollar industry behind a perfect set of teeth. You see this on most actors and models.
A perfect smile lights up the room and captivates not just women but, everyone. Ever see a man with a jacked-up mouth? It’s the tale-tell sign to women that this guy isn’t top class. So, how do you get that perfect smile? The perfect smile does not have to be perfect like the ones you see in Hollywood. Simply own your unique smile and make sure your teeth are white.

Smiling Tips for Guys

Practice in front of the mirror: Make it a habit to practice. You have heard the saying “practice makes it perfect”. This is the same principle that you must follow to boost your self-confidence. There is a chance that you are not really projecting the smile that shows how you feel during social occasions.

Practice smiling to others: You can start practising your smile when you see strangers. You could be jogging in the park or buying some groceries when you pass people on the street. Learn to get out of your comfort zone and smile a little wider. Allow your smile to reach your eyes since this makes you look sincere. You will be surprised just how people will feel and react towards you. 

Learn to relax: Looking stressed out will not help you reach your goal for a perfect smile. If you are tense and highly stressed out this reflects on your face. Your facial muscles and shoulders will look tense. If you are tense, you can gently rub your cheeks and forehead. Try to clench and relax your jaw a couple of times. 

Think happy thoughts: Think of happy memories or recent events that make you smile. Even an embarrassing story from your childhood that makes you laugh will keep you smiling. It may sound ridiculous but get in the mindset of being positive and give up your resting frown face. 

A fake smile will not work: One of the key differences about a smile that can launch a thousand ships and those that don’t is sincerity. A fake smile is not enough to convince others that you are smiling at them. Try to crinkle or squint your eyes a little. This is actually a normal reaction when you have a wide smile. Why not tilt your head a little for a better-looking smile? Confidence is knowing what you stand for and owning it. If you smile without hesitation you can expect the same result in return. Don’t overdo it though since it will appear as mentioned: fake. At the end of the day, a genuine smile is both attractive and contagious. When you smile this way, you are sending this message, “I am glad to be here”

Try going for a friendly smile: As mentioned, get into the habit of smiling at strangers. A simple greeting will do such as “It’s a fine day isn’t it”? You can practice your most friendly looking smile in front of the mirror. Besides when you smile, even your mood will improve too.

How to Achieve a Perfect Smile

It’s all about your teeth: Practice in front of the mirror and see which kind of smile makes you look confident when you face the world. A complete set of healthy-looking teeth can boost your confidence. It is a must to see your dentist especially if there is a tooth gap or issues with your teeth and gums. After all, how can you make that wide grin if there are missing teeth? People dislike guys with messed up teeth and bad breath, so why not consider having dental work done? In some instances, the shape of your teeth is not a barrier to having a perfect smile. It is all about crooked teeth or gaps. If you don’t think that a tooth gap makes you look good your dentist or orthodontist can reshape your teeth. If you want a radical change, ask your dentist about dental veneers, implants, bridges or dentures. These false teeth can completely change the way you smile.

Caring for your teeth: You can ask the dentist about the fluoride varnish samples that they use on your teeth. Dentists use these fluoride varnish samples to let you see the difference between the present condition of your teeth and afterwards. Use whitening toothpaste sparingly; these can be abrasive and cause long-term damage to your teeth enamel. The strips and over the counter whiteners are a decent start but be careful to not end up with mouth ‘tan lines’. The over the counter strips tend to not catch the top part of your teeth and this could spell doom. 

Brush your teeth right: There is a right way to brush your teeth and a wrong way. Try to aim your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle. Brush towards the gum line. Using a pea sized amount of toothpaste brush in a circular motion. Repeat this on the inside surface of your teeth. Use a light back and forth motion especially on your teeth’s chewing surfaces. During the final stage of brushing, do not rinse. A very small amount of fluoridated toothpaste left in your mouth after you spit will protect your teeth from tooth decay. Try using an electric toothbrush to do a good job of cleaning your teeth. Select soft toothbrush bristles since this will not leave behind scratches in your teeth. Soft bristles will be gentle on your gums too. This will avoid the gums from bleeding profusely. 

Floss everyday: After you brush your teeth, do floss at least once or twice a day. Using dental floss will remove plaque between your teeth. This will prevent a build-up of yellow or off-white plaque. In case you are wearing braces, ask your orthodontist about ‘threaders’. This is specialised floss that you can use between the wires of your braces. 

Use a mouthwash: The right way to use mouthwash is to swish it in your mouth for the right amount of time. Read the product label since most mouthwashes will suggest that you swish it in your mouth and gargle at least for 30 seconds or a minute.

Zoom Whitening: Fast track the whitening process with the Zoom laser whitening system. While this is expensive the results are often many shades brighter in a very short span of time. The major issue is the sensitivity caused by the laser. This is why you need to follow this up with a fluoride varnish.

Fluoride varnish quick option: Fluoride varnish is easy to apply and is totally safe. You can even make a choice between the most interesting flavours. Think of this option as your teeth saviour and life saver. Dental offices have their fluoride varnish samples that dentists can use for adults and children. That’s the privilege that is given only for dental patients. Not only will it strengthen your teeth and prevent decay it reduces sensitivity. This is practically a must if you use whitening systems. Using fluoride varnish will benefit your teeth especially if you like to eat sweets. The old days of ‘drill and fill’ no longer exists because of fluoride treatments and fluoride in most drinking water. The stronger teeth don’t easily rot and need unsightly and uncomfortable dental work.