The Ideal Jeans For “Every” Kind Of Woman

Jean trends come and go, but when it comes to denim, go with what works best for you. While certain cuts will perform better than others based on body type, your height, medium height, or tiny height also plays a role. Depending on the brand, all of the denim styles have varying degrees of stretch. Choose what feels right for YOU. Stretchy denim is ideal for individuals who value their jeans’ form and fit, whereas stiff denim is ideal for those who value their jeans’ shape and fit.

With that in mind, keep reading to find out which styles work best for your body shape. Finally, it’s important to remember to trust our instincts, and just though a boyfriend-style jean works particularly well for a “apple body,” it doesn’t mean a “pear body” shouldn’t slip into a pair if that’s their vibe.


The shoulders and bust portions of apple-shaped bodies are bigger than the hips, which are slim. This design works nicely with jeans that bring emphasis to the legs, which can be done in a “boyfriend” or “thin” manner. Generally, the best bet here is to go on either extreme of the denim width continuum.


Hourglass-shaped bodies are distinguished by hips and busts that appear to be of similar size while having a thin waist. Straight leg jeans look amazing in this situation. This design is also a good balance between boyfriend and thin jeans since it allows you to show off your curves while being comfortable, especially if you choose a stretch denim – thus apple-shaped bodies might consider it as well.


Pear-shaped people have hips and bottoms that are broader than their shoulders and breast. Flare jeans are a terrific alternative for this body shape. The volume below the knee helps balance out broad hips while highlighting the body‘s curves, which is why flares – which also serve double duty because they’re one of the most statement-making designs – work so well for pears.


If you’re pregnant, now is the moment to choose ease. The ones seen above are fantastic since they don’t trade style for stretch. With to a panel that can be worn up for complete belly covering or folded down for extra hold, the denim will function throughout your pregnancy as you expand and into your 4th trimester as you recuperate. Sizing is simple: choose your pre-pregnancy size. Non-maternity jeans are the one thing that almost no one can get away with wearing while pregnant.