The Iconic Van Cleef & Arpels’ Ludo Bracelet is Back

Ludo bracelet with yellow gold, sapphires, turquoise, lapis lazuli, diamonds: The warmth of yellow gold combines with the elegant color of sapphires, which adorn the mosaic of hexagonal motifs. On the clasp, luminous turquoise echoes deep blue lapis lazuli. These two fine materials have been selected with the utmost care, to enhance this daring piece.

Since its launch in 1934, Van Cleef & Arpels’ Ludo bracelet has earned its stripes as the statement piece to elevate and transform the looks of sophisticated women across the globe. Named after Louis Arpels, the youngest of the Arpel brothers to own the maison, the iconic Ludo bracelet design was inspired by wife and muse, Hélène Arpels – who was frequently sighted modeling the piece over long black gloves, highlighting its modern silhouette.

The Ludo bracelet with pink gold, rubies, coral, diamonds: In a flamboyant harmony, pink gold embellishes the intensity of rubies in “star setting” and coral, which adorns the clasp. On the latter, two sparkling rows of diamonds underline the orangey-red motifs. The vibrant blend of shades instills the piece with elegance and character.

Gleaming with an ever-desirable opulence, the Ludo bracelet represents the epitome of French elegance till this day, despite being discontinued in 1950. However, this year, in commemoration of the luxury brand’s everlasting poise, the much awaited Ludo bracelet comeback is finally here.

Ludo bracelet - White gold, onyx, diamonds

The Ludo bracelet with white gold, onyx, diamonds: The shiny, deep black color of onyx highlights the sparkling purity of the diamonds that stud the piece, accentuating its timeless allure

By evoking the popular 1930s fashion accessory among bold women, the Ludo bracelet illustrates one the Maison’s key inspirations: the world of couture. With meticulous articulation, the bracelet is carefully assembled and then individually adjusted, making it fluid and comfortable to wear – shaped like a belt and easily distinguished by its flexible mesh, it is punctuated by a buckle-like clasp and set with precious stone.

The success of the Ludo bracelet eventually lead to various metamorphoses throughout the 1930s – utilizing similar design in Van Cleef & Arpels’ ring, watch and lapel clip collections.

Remaining true to its original design of traditional “honeycomb” mesh, Van Cleef & Arpels honor the collection’s craftsmanship with four new versions and a multitude of dazzling harmonies – featuring three hexagonal links adorned with a star-set of precious stone at their center, the fourth model illuminates with a briquette mesh.

The new Ludo bracelets are beyond admirable, showcasing the art of selecting and matching both precious and hard stones such as sapphire, diamond, coral and onyx, based on a criteria set by the Maison’s expert gemologists. Choosing only those with a perfect consistency in gleam, color and clarity – the gemologists conduct aesthetic sense and taste tests, ensuring a harmonious union between the luminous blue of turquoise and the intense hue of lapis lazuli. Each piece is completed with a final polish to create an embellished and deep shimmering appearance.