The Hookie Co Cobra is a Dangerously Beautified Upgrade of BMW’s Iconic R nineT

A German team of aesthetes and designers who have dedicated their careers to creating functional beauty and drawing happiness from good design concepts. As motorcycle enthusiasts, Hookie Co has specialized in the individual production of multiple small-series bikes since 2015, whilst prioritizing the need for environmental conservation and sustainable practices in all of their operations.

Offering a modernized interpretation of the iconic BMW R nineT motorcycle, Hookie Co presents the ‘Cobra’ in a custom designed bionic primeval shape, with a straight, mold-like body at the top and exposed mechanics below.

Highly exclusive, the Cobra boasts a limited production line of 10 bikes, with a multitude of diverse design and colorways, including – ice blue, dark copper, electric yellow, toxic red, tricolor which is inspired by the famous M Performance color scheme of BMW with a glossy finish and subtle branding, stealth which incorporates the minimal combination of flat black, grey and glossy carbon-texture to create an aura timeless elegance, track which Hookie regards as the ideal choice for an aggressive look, and roam which draws inspiration from mother nature with a coarse silver, green and white cover.

Featuring a prominent single headlight, a futuristic, sporty front fender, heated grips, bespoke bodywork, padded seating, and an all-new subframe, the Hookie Co Cobra’s bold and domineering aesthetic is finished with a thin glowing line of light, exuding an air of immense aggression and intimidation.

Maintaining the original BMW R nineT flat-twin engine, whilst including new features such as an intake system, blacked-out custom exhaust and brake robots – the Cobra is expected to effortlessly deliver over 1,170 cc of power, at an estimated weight of 180kg. Available for order worldwide, the Hookie Co Cobra is currently worth a minimum of USD$37,878.02.