The Glitch Mob Teams With 1788-L For New Collaboration, “Momentary Lapse”


Months in the making, the epic collaboration between legends The Glitch Mob and rising star 1788-L, “Momentary Lapse,” is finally here! This one was first debuted at EDC Las Vegas this year when TGM brought the masked producer/DJ up on stage and stunned the crowd into submission. The beautiful thing about this collaboration is how seamlessly you can hear the two artists’ styles come together in the mix. 1788-L’s burgeoning style of midtempo is heard clearly in some of the embellished synth work and drums, while The Glitch Mob’s driving sense of rhythm pushes the track along as they provide a lot of their iconic synth work, as well. Honestly, it’s hard to really tell who did what apart, and that sort of cohesion in an unlikely collab like this is what makes it so brilliant.

Check out “Momentary Lapse” below!

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