The gifted rapper Smoov Bully has created engaging and appealing songs from his new EP ‘Life of Smoov’

Smoov Bully has engaged the listeners like us with the fantastic songs from his latest EP that has all the makings to be a chartbuster. The crowd went berserk after listening to the songs from the EP ‘Life of Smoov’. According to me, the EP dished out by the Brentwood hip hop artist has got an exquisite feel. The songs in the EP ‘SAD FACE’ featuring Voice, ‘The Facts’ and ‘Death Behind Trust’ are quite eclectic and appeals to a larger audience. I’d love to recommend each song that sounds different and in my opinion, it speaks volumes about the versatility of the singer. You can get plugged into the Instagram handle of the singer to fetch relevant information through the shared updates like the latest pictures and videos.

Well, being a music enthusiast, I have found that in the song, ‘SAD FACE’ by Smoov Bully has expressed the agony of betrayal and has portrayed the emotion melodiously in the most elegant manner. In the song ‘The Facts’ there is a dash of indomitable confidence. In the track ‘Death Behind Trust’, there is a smashing hook that will knock you out. According to me, the songs from the EP deserves four and a half star. You can log on to popular streaming sites like Soundcloud to listen to the elegant tunes dished out by the singer.

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