The Formidable, Pistol-Shaped Curtiss Hades 1 Pure E-Bike

 Once known as Confederate Motors, the early 1900s aircraft, bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer has since rebranded with a new name and product listing. Unveiling its latest Hades 1 Pure E-Bike, the Curtiss Motorcycle Company brags the invention of the world’s first completely symmetrical motorcycle.

Inspired by a previous hellacious, bullet-shaped Zeus e-bike, the Hades 1 features an ultra-lightweight and compact Axial Flux motor solution packaged via the brand’s signature “Curtiss Centered Power Axis” Design – which accommodates the bike’s reduced girth and width, with an eight inch clearance, 27 degree rake angle and lower center of gravity. Including a longer-wheelbase, the Curtiss Hades 1 offers an alternative 31 degree rake angle with six inches of ground clearance for an easier mount and comfortable ride.

Incorporating a 399 V modular design system for optimized heat regulation and efficiency, the Hades 1’s chassis is predominantly constructed by modular machined billet aluminum and titanium hardware – with a fully adjustable double-wishbone parallelogram fork, modular aluminum girders, and direct-action, race-proven RaceTech monoshock at its front.

Comparable to its skeletal Zeus e-bike counterpart, the Hades 1 functions with a formidable horsepower of over 217, utilizing a similar 16.8kWh bullet-inspired battery and four floating Beringer 230mm cast iron disc brakes. Curtiss Motorcycle Co. is currently collating online orders for the Hades 1. Worth $60,000, the bike is scheduled for production in March 2020, with an optional $30,000 carbon fiber upgrade.