The Foods You Can Eat To Help You Gain Weight Fast And Healthy

When it comes to weight gain, many are not so open about it. It could be because when a person openly talks about wanting to gain weight healthily, they are often met with stern looks and (oftentimes) rebuke of overweight people who give the “you don’t know what you have” lecture. One thing needs to be understood, weight gain isn’t a crime and everyone has the right to desire a particular body size. For some individuals, trying to gain weight is just as tough as loosing weight is for some others. Gladly, there are a gazillion things to eat to gain weight fast but healthily. Here’s all you need to do: consistently consume foods with more calories than your body needs.

Protein supplements

Ever wondered what that lanky guy was eating that got him so muscular? Protein supplements and shakes like the ones made by Nature Zen are quite effective as they help in rapid (but safe) weight gain. When paired with workout, protein shakes really do perform magic!

Full cream milk

The calories in full cream milk are a sure weight gain recipe. Pour your full cream milk generously into your bowl of cereal, cocoa drink, oats, and every compatible meal you can. It’s officially milk season for you. Hopefully, you’re not lactose intolerant.

Red meat

While red meat is a major red flag for individuals seeking to lose weight, red meat should be the preferred animal protein for those seeking to gain weight as the leucine and creatine present in red meat boost muscle mass.


Did anyone say mac and cheese? Yes, please. If you’re in need of what to eat to gain weight fast but safely, then opt for full-fat cheese as they are high in protein, calcium, and calories. You could have a pizza party tonight. Say cheese!


Instead of piling up belly fat with unhealthy junk, avocados contain healthy fat and can be eaten alone, in smoothies, and even as a spread.

Bonus tips:

  • Eat larger portions of meals
  • A healthy diet merged with a good workout routine is one sure way to build muscle and gain weight fast but safely.

Featured image: Nathan Cowley | Pexels

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